Frequently Asked Q's

Q. How do I make a booking?
A. Just give me a call on the number provided, please do not withhold your number, also I don't do bookings made by text message.

Q. What details do I need For Booking?
A. I will need your full name, mobile number, address or hotel and how long you want me for obviously can't see you if I don't know those basic things.

Q. Do I answer phone calls?
A. I DO NOT play text or phone tag, if you want to book call me properly so I can hear your voice. I also do not answer withheld numbers.

Q. Will you meet with younger guys?
A. I am happy to consider bookings from younger guys (21+) as long as they can afford to pay but will not meet with Chavs or'Jack the lads' who think they are God's gift to women (I find them mind-numbingly boring!) nor will I meet guys who just want a non-stop 'shag-fest' - that's not what I'm about.

Q. Do you offer a full GFE?
A. Yes, I offer a true 'Girl-Friend Experience' including French-kissing.

Q. Can I make a provisional booking & confirm it later/on the day?
A. No, I only accept 100% definite confirmed bookings. Any 'no shows' will not be permitted to book any future appointments - no exceptions!

Q. How far will you travel?
A. My outcall rates include travel up to one hour (round trip) from my home. I will consider travelling further (up to around 1 hour each-way maximum) but obviously charge extra fees for travelling time & expenses this will be an extra £50. I require a minimum booking period of two hours.

Q. Do you accept (part) payment by AW credits, Euros or credit/debit card?
A. No, I accept payment by £ cash only (upon arrival) - no exceptions!

Q. Are your rates negotiable /Can I have a discount?
A. Do I look as though I need to negotiate my rates?! Please don't insult me (or prove yourself an idiot) by asking for a cheaper price and note that I do not offer 'special rates' for students, OAPs, male escorts/models, virgins, one-legged-unicycle-riding-jugglers or anyone else! I instantly block anyone who asks for a cheaper rate.

Q. What Will You Wear For Our Meeting ?
A. If I receive a call at short notice, I will ask if I can come casual which is jeans and top. It takes time to get ready if you want me to arrive in a skirt, stockings and high-heeled shoes looking decent, so if you want that I will need 3 hours notice for a OUTCALL BOOKING.

Q. Do You Enjoy What You Do ?
A. Yes I love it, I treat every booking like a first date and I love meeting new people and having fun.

Q. Do you offer 'bareback' sex?
A. No

Q. Do you do fifteen minute 'Quickies'?
A. No - I'm not a vending machine!

Q. I Can Get Cheaper
A. Well that's good for you! Go for it, but you get what you pay for in this world.

Q. Do you take health precautions?
A. Yes, I am regularly tested and certificated for all STD's and I use condoms for everything, even blowjobs.

Q. I'm a male model/escort - Can we do a shoot together and share the resulting photo's/video for our profiles/websites?
A. Yes, of course - as long as you are happy to pay me my normal rate and give me copies of all pics and/or videos - otherwise, no thank-you!

Q. I'm a photographer, can I take your pictures?
A. Yes of course, but you have to pay my normal rates, give me copies of all pictures while there (not in the post weeks later), also my face is out of all pictures for obvious reasons, otherwise all pictures will be taken by myself and no refund for my rates given for time-wasting.